Madison Central School District
800 NE 9th Street
Madison, SD 57042
Telephone: (605) 256-7700
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Madison High School
800 NE 9th Street
Madison, SD 57042
Telephone: (605) 256-7706
Fax Number: (605) 256-7711

Madison Middle School
830 NE 9th Street
Madison, SD 57042
Telephone: (605) 256-7717
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Madison Elementary School
700 NW 9th Street
Madison, SD 57042
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Welcome to Madison Central School District 39-2

District Mission Statement: To educate all students to fully achieve their personal and academic potential as lifelong learners skilled in communication, problem solving, and global responsibility.

P is for Performing and Fine Arts!

The Madison Central School Educational Foundation is starting a fund to enhance the performing and fine arts programs at Madison Elementary, Madison Middle School and Madison High School. We are premiering this fund at our “P is for Philanthropy” Dinner on Saturday, November 1st.

P is for parades, and the precision and posture that our Spirit of Madison Marching Band demonstrate on the field at their competitions and performances.

P is for patience and persistence, the qualities new band students and their parents learn in 5th Grade Band.

P is for performing, as well as pitch and pronunciation, qualities that our vocal students practice with care.

P is for Picasso, and the painting and pottery that our students create in art classes.

P is for prose and poetry readings that students prepare and share in oral interp programs.

P is for podium and the political and pertinent issues researched and presented at debate meets.

P is for play practice, where students can be found preparing for theater programs.

P is for the new Performing and Fine Arts Fund that you can support to provide enhancement grants to these programs which impact so many students on a daily basis. We are pleased to accept your donation! MCSEF, 800 NE 9th Street, Madison, SD 57042. Beth Knuths, Executive Director, 256-7710.

Madison Central School Administrators

Vince Schaefer

High School Principal
Adam Shaw

Middle School Principal
Cotton Koch

Elementary School Principal
Janel Guse

Special Education Director
Paula Kingery

Curriculum Director
Dianna Tyler

Technology Director
Rob Honomichl

Business Manager
Mitchell Brooks

Maintenance Director
Brad Franken

Transportation Director
Kurt Heeren