Reyna Ventura

Reyna Ventura Chavarria also known as Queen, is an 18-year-old Madison senior who comes from Nicaragua with her family of 6: mother, Dilcia; father, Marcio; younger sister, Kimberly; the youngest sister, Kency; and little brother, Ariel. A fun fact about Reyna is she is the only English speaker in her family. 

Reyna enjoys doing makeup, drinking coffee, and participating in powerlifting. Reyna’s favorite class is math because it's challenging and there’s only one correct answer. When asked what superpower she would like to have, she answered with teleportation so she could go anywhere, whenever she wanted to. Reyna’s advice for others is, “go out and meet new people”.

When asked what she would do with 5 million dollars, she said, “I would buy a big house for myself, give half of what's left to my family, and the rest to charity.” Reyna plans to attend SDSU for Interior Design. In 10 years, she sees herself driving a big pickup truck, and working for a large company.