Joseph Gors

Joseph Steven Gors, more commonly known as Joe, comes from a family of seven. He is the son of Steve and Liz Gors and he has one brother and three sisters. His family has moved around a lot, but after living in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, and Marion, they decided to settle down in Madison. 

Here at Madison High School, Joe is involved in a variety of activities including football, track, powerlifting, FBLA, FCA, choir, and jazz choir. During the summer, you may see him mowing lawns around town. Joe says the most rewarding part of his job is payday. 

When asked what he would spend five million dollars on, Joe, with no hesitation, says he would start his very own gym. The number one thing Joe recommends is lifting, “to better yourself,” he says. Joe’s dream superpower is the ability to lift incredibly heavy items with no effort. Can you guess what Joe’s content would be if he had a YouTube channel? It would be about lifting, of course. 

After high school, Joe plans to go to school in Rapid City to be a barber. Ten years from now, he hopes to have a successful barber shop, a family, and enjoy life. Joe is afraid, however, that the boogie man will stop him from pursuing his dreams.