Ms. Bulibruch

Meet Lucia Bulibruch, the new chemistry and microbiology teacher for Madison High School. Coming all the way from Rhode Island, Ms. Bulibruch and her fiance have settled well in the Midwest with their respective teaching professions. With her education in chemistry and psychology, Ms. Bulibruch is starting her teaching career in Madison, while her fiance coaches at DSU. As a first-time teacher, she handles the difficult concept of her classes in ways that involve visuals, discussions, diagrams, and bits to help her students succeed. 

Fun fact about Ms. Bulibruch: she is bilingual in English and Slovakian! While she enjoys lecturing classes, a piece of advice she would give students is mindset means everything, especially with chemistry. Students are individuals who learn differently from one another to succeed and she hopes what students take from her class is that “mindset is a reflection with succession.”