Jake Sully and Ney’tiri start a family with two boys and one girl, in addition to Grace’s, daughter, Kiri. With the recurring villain - Colonel Quaritch - returning for revenge, the Sully family has to flee the forest of Pandora to an unknown location. They see land during their journey and come upon the Metkaynia Clan or the Water People. The clan takes them under their wing and teaches them the ways of water while providing them protection. When Colonel Quaritch finds the Sully family in hiding, disaster breaks out and casualties take place with both the Na’vi and fellow spiritual animals. During this challenging time, the Na’vi learn the true meaning of family. 

I felt that this movie was very moving and a fantastic sequel to the first Avatar movie. It incorporated many aspects of familial love, compassion, perseverance, and most importantly, unity. I would strongly recommend this movie to people who are interested in action movies and family-oriented films.