Picture By Diane Hochhalter

Born on July 29th, 2004 in Aberdeen South Dakota, Xavier Everett Breddin has lived in a few different places in his lifetime, including North Dakota, Minnesota, and of course, South Dakota. Xavier has a mom, a dad, a little brother, and a younger sister. Xavier has a few nicknames given by past friends: Javier and X-man. His parents also sometimes call him X-man. Xavier says, “I recommend watching shows/movies when you have nothing else to do.” He currently works at Sunshine Foods as a cashier. If Xavier had $5 million to spend, he would start his own company, buy an expensive house, and buy a brand-new Tesla. He believes electric cars are the cars of the future because they don’t pollute the environment.

Some of Xavier’s favorite things are the colors black and red, any pasta dish, and favorite TV show, Rick and Morty. Xavier’s favorite subject is computer class because he likes to work with computers. One thing that Xavier can’t live without is food because you would die otherwise. If Xavier could live anywhere in the world for a year, he would live in Langdon, ND because it is a quiet place. 

One item that best describes Xavier last year is a rock because 11th grade was hard, but something that comes easily to him is understanding how things work. He has a bucket list to start his own company and make lots of money. If he had a superpower, it would be to live forever because he does not want to die. If Xavier could play any character in a movie/TV show, he would be Batman because he is good at saving lives. After high school, he plans on going to tech school.