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Social Media Information

To begin we would like to extend a thank you to all of those who have downloaded our new app. In the first two weeks, we already have almost 700 downloads. Thank you so much for supporting the school district, this community is amazing!

Along with the new website and app, we thought it was the perfect time to share not only our new social media accounts, but also the accounts that have been in place for some time now. This way we can connect through as many platforms as possible. 

At the bottom of this story, you will find a link titled 'MCSD Social Media Accounts'. If you click the link it will open a PDF file. Once you have the file open, click any of the Bulldog Images or @Handles next to the account you would like to follow and it will take you directly to that page. Thank you for your continued support of the school district and our students!

MCSD Social Media Accounts

- Madison Technology Department