Mr. Bigge sitting at his desk getting ready for a long school day.

Born and raised in Parkston, SD,  Tucker Bigge has always known he wanted to help people. Originally his plan was to be a nurse or medical professional; however, he didn’t feel as strong for the needles and syringes as he did for grade books and pencils. Mr. Bigge graduated from SDSU with a bachelor’s in Agricultural Teaching, where Madison then hired him to become a teacher of agricultural sciences. Mr. Biggie was thrilled to come to Madison, as he had already done some student teaching here, and in Bigge’s own words, “Because Cooper Hoffman was here.” So far, he is enjoying his time here. He says he can see himself staying in Madison for a while and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon. He also sees himself “behind this desk with a lot more gray hair” in five years.

Mr. Bigge enjoys sleeping, reading, listening to music,  cooking, and playing video games like Minecraft. He teaches a variety of classes: Intro to Ag, Animal Science, Plant Science, Vet Science, Food Safety, and Woodworking. His favorite is Wildlife and Fisheries. He sees himself as more of a livestock kind of guy, as he enjoys the science of it. In high school, Mr. Bigge had an inspirational Ag teacher and used him as a role model for his career. His pride and joy is his FFA chapter. FFA is an agriculture club for leadership. They have conventions that they go and this year’s national convention will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana where they will be wearing the famous FFA corduroy jackets. Bigge believes that “cool kids wear corduroy jackets.” 

Please give Mr. Bigge a warm welcome to Madison High School and our community!