Michael Chance Coffey is 17 and has been nicknamed “Coffey” by his close friends. Michael lives in Madison with his sister, mom, and dad. Michael’s favorite color is red and if you see him around the school you will usually see him wearing the color red. Michael says that he couldn’t live without his car. He needs it to get from place to place. Michael doesn’t have a favorite subject in school but he loves to hang out with his friends and pass time driving around and having fun.

Michael is an outdoor and indoor kind of guy. He loves to watch movies and says that his favorite movie is After Earth.   If he could live anywhere for a year he would choose Colorado, since he really loves the scenery.

Michael says that if he had any super-power that it would be invisibility. He choose that because he said that he would be able to take anything he wanted and not get in trouble. If Michael had 5 million dollars he would spend it on houses and cars. 

Michael said when he graduates from high school he wants to travel.  Michael loves older cars; he likes the look of the older body styles. Ten years from now Michael plans on living in Colorado and just having a good time with his life.