Jeni Celestia Fiedler is a very outgoing person and definitely no pushover.  She grew up in Sioux Falls with a family of  2 brothers and 4 sisters. Not everything has come easy for Jeni, but she makes the best of every situation. She doesn't particularly go by any nicknames, which is a good thing honestly -  that just means she’s comfortable with her real name.

Jeni has no job at the moment, but in the future, she plans on going to the University of Sioux Falls for a nursing degree. When she goes out to live on her own, she said that she would prefer to stay in South Dakota since all her friends are here and she wants to keep in contact with them.

Jeni has some lofty bucket list items!  The first thing she has on the list is skydiving which fits her charismatic and energetic personality. The next thing on the list is to go bungee jumping. Jeni’s last item on her bucket list, the most inspiring of all, is to be adventurous throughout her entire life. Jeni isn’t afraid to achieve greatness and explore the unknown.

Jeni always tries to strive for who she really is and wants people to be able to do the same. She states “I recommend just living your life,” because not enough people appreciate who they are and how very talented they really are. If she were given 5 million dollars, she would donate half of it to charity and the rest to traveling around the world. Jeni is a unique person who stands out above others and doesn’t let anyone tell her who she has to be or what she should do with her life.