If you ever see a girl driving around on either a dirtbike or a four-wheeler, chances are that lady is Tanya Ann Wise. Tanya lives at home with a pretty big family consisting of four sisters, one brother, and both of her parents. Although she lives happily in her current home, Tanya wouldn’t mind moving to another location that is just a tad bit warmer than here for at least a year.

One of Tanya’s favorite things is helping other people out in some way. When asked what content she would make if she had a YouTube channel, Tanya said she “would make videos about helping people with school work.” Tanya also answered a question asking what she would do if she had 5 million dollars. Her response to that was, “I would buy a nice house, but I would also give a lot of it away to charity.” Although she enjoys helping people out whenever she can, if you were to ask Tanya what super-power she would want to have, she would reply by saying, “I want to be able to turn invisible so I can avoid any unwanted interaction.”

Tanya recommends that underclassmen get their homework done on time and stay on top of all their work. She also recommends that younger students go out for as many school activities/sports as possible. Currently, Tanya works at PPD here in Madison. She thinks the most rewarding part of her job is going home after a long day, which is something I think we all can relate to. As Tanya's last year of high school is ongoing, she hasn’t quite decided on whether or not she wants to attend college yet. However, in 10 years, Tanya sees herself opening up her own daycare, and having a decent-sized family.

Family, friendships, and helping people out are all things that are very important to Tanya Wise. Her passion for helping others is a great personality trait, and it’s a great mindset to take with her as she enters a new stage in her life. Tanya Wise is very excited to graduate, and probably even more excited to continue doing the things she loves.