Addison Wilbur Gehrels, more commonly known as AddyWild, is a senior at Madison High School. Addison was born in Madison, South Dakota. His family includes his mom, dad, brother, two sisters, a niece, and a nephew. If there’s one thing Addison could not live without, it’s his family. Addison’s family is also the reason he fell in love with the game of baseball; he’s been watching and playing baseball with his family for as long as he can remember.  Addison works for Mustang Seeds, which is rewarding “because the people there are awesome.” 

After high school, Addison plans to attend Lake Area Technical College and study to become a diesel technician. In ten years, Addison sees himself happily married and living with his family in South Dakota. Addison’s bucket list consists of going to Wyoming to hunt elk in the Rocky Mountains, riding a bull because it’s “hardcore,” sandhill crane hunting in Texas, and skydiving. In school, Addison’s favorite subject is shop class because “I like to do stuff hands-on and build stuff.” 

Outside of MHS, you can find Addison playing baseball, video gaming, listening to his favorite country artists Zach Bryan and Koe Wetzel, or enjoying some roast with ranch because “it’s gas.” Addison’s favorite show is Longmire and his favorite movie is Miracle on Ice. Addison recommends that everyone watches Miracle on Ice because “it’s one of the greatest moments in sports history, and it’s just a great movie.” If he were to play any character from a movie it would be Maverick from the Top Gun franchise because he’s a great fighter pilot and an awesome character. In addition, if Addison had a YouTube Channel, he would focus on either hunting or working on cars.