Deion Cross

Ever met a guy whose favorite food is all fruits except melons? How about someone who loves all music genres except rock? That's Deion Raymond Cross for you, a well-educated senior this year at Madison High School. Living in Madison his entire life, Deion has two siblings: Milo Osborn and Lilith Cross, and lives with his parents, Laura and Danny Cross. When asked where he would like to live in the world, he mentioned Georgia because, of course, it's the peach state. On the topic of food, a great restaurant that Deion recommends everyone to try is Texas Roadhouse. When asked why, he answered, “I think it’s the buns with cinnamon butter.”

Not only does Deion like the relaxing days, but he is also a very active person, who enjoys going to the gym and taking part in sports, especially running. His bucket list includes many different types of activities he would like to be able to do someday, including water skiing, hang-gliding, and parasailing. Even though those activities involve altitude, Deion does not let his fear of heights stop him from doing what he loves. 

Deion intends to study a career in computer science or cyber security when he graduates from high school, though it’s not really certain what he would like to do. 10 years from now, he sees himself working and being involved with computers, game designing, and even sports programming. Currently, Deion is working at Sunshine Foods in Madison, South Dakota. If he were an influencer, he would have cheerful and bright content for his followers, giving advice about how “time that you think you wasted is never wasted if you enjoyed it.”