Jackson Lembcke

Jackson Thomas Lembcke, more commonly known as Jack, is originally from Dell Rapids and moved to Madison at the relatively young age of one. 18-years-old and a middle child, Jack has an older sister and a younger brother. Some things that come easily to Jack are sleeping and eating. His favorite thing to eat, in question, is steak. He considers himself a “meat lover.” On the topic of favorites: his favorite movies are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and his favorite color is orange. Furthermore, in regard to Harry Potter, Jack said that the one character he would like to play is “Professor Snape because he’s the hated character but has good that no one else sees.”

When asked what his perfect crime would be, Jack responded with a detailed plan as if he himself contemplated this in his own time; his first move would be to travel to a casino, then hire a counterfeit to make poker chips, and then finally pray not to get caught. A simple plan, yet evincing the thoughts of a true mastermind. When asked what superpower he’d like to have, he responded with invisibility, to do delinquent activities. 

Jack holds a job at Red Horse Seed Production, where he supplies farmers with, you guessed it, seeds. While he’s off the clock, Jack likes to play video games, golf, and spend time with his family. Other things he would like to do - a.k.a his bucket list - include skydiving, bungee jumping, and traveling to all 50 states. He says he also likes to fish. If for a year, Jack had to live in another country, he would go to Canada because it’s like America. Another hypothetical is if he had $5 million to spend, he would invest in a company, buy a cheap house, and go to college. Jack’s real plans also include going to college. He plans on going to SDSU to pursue engineering. Though beyond college and 10 years in the future, Jack sees himself with a successful career, a healthy family, and his sanity still intact.