Cooper Hoffman

Some of you may not know his name, but you have probably heard his voice. Cooper Craig Hoffman, also known as Coop, has always lived in Madison with his parents Craig and Shannon; brother, Mack; and sister, Ali. He lives on a farm which serves as his full-time job. When asked what the most rewarding part of his job is he said, “Completing projects.” After a long day working hard on the farm, Cooper’s favorite thing to come into the house to is a medium-rare cooked steak, which probably explains why his favorite color is red. 

Unlike most people, Cooper doesn’t have a favorite TV show, book, or even movie. Why? He “doesn’t have time to sit and watch anything. I just fall asleep when I sit down after a long day.” One thing he recommends is “going out and trying new things. If you have the mindset to do it, you can.” Cooper abides by this because he wants to get out and travel more. In fact, if he could live anywhere in the world, he would choose Montana. He has been to Montana and likes the mountains, scenery, and hiking. Cooper would probably bring his friends, family, dogs, and of course, his pickup to Montana because these are things he couldn’t live without. Out of all of these things, Cooper's favorite would be his dogs. He likes his dogs so much that if he could be any animal for a day, he would choose to be a dog. 

If you had to describe Cooper in one word it would be “farming”. Cooper’s favorite subject is of course, ag classes because that is where his interest lies. If he had to choose an item that best describes the last year of his life, he would choose a wrench because he “works on a lot of stuff.” In fact, if he could choose any superpower, he would choose super speed so he can complete his farm projects faster. Not surprisingly, if he had 5 million dollars to spend, he would spend it on farmland and farm equipment. If he had a YouTube channel, his content would consist of fixing vehicles. One thing he is afraid of is “messing up in some cases.” When asked if it stops him from anything he said, “Sometimes, it depends on what I am doing.” If he could play any character in a movie, TV show, or book, he would play Rod from Hot Rod because “he is dumb.” 

Cooper's favorite memory of high school is attending National Convention for FFA. After he graduates, he plans to work on his family farm helping out in any way he can. In 10 years he sees himself taking over the family farm, working his life away.