April 15, 2023, Prom was one to remember. The prom committee and many others put in hard work and many months of preparation for a realistic Hollywood-themed prom. The students were able to create many detail-oriented aspects, including extravagant decorations, fantastic food, and a smoothly conducted after-prom activity many people enjoyed. Not only was it a huge success, but Madison High School students also had many great remarks about their time at prom. 

Cadence Zens, a student that attended Madison High School Prom said, “Prom was a very fun and enjoyable experience and I had a lot of fun.” Another student, Amanda Vacanti also noted that “those who decorated did a great job, I loved the theme and the decorations used in it.” With all of this said, Madison High School had a great time and is very thankful for the great amount of work it took to bring this memorable event to life.