Samuel Fast

If you haven’t met Samuel Duane Fast, you’re missing out on an amazing person. Samuel, also known as Sam, or Samn, has not always lived in Madison. He has lived in Minnesota, Brookings, Sioux Falls, and Madison. Sam has five people in his family: two siblings, Anberlin and Peyton. His father, as Sam says, “Has a cool bike van that he drives around for a job.” Sam’s favorite food is sushi and his mother’s spaghetti. Another thing about Sam is that his favorite book is The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  

One thing that best describes Sam’s life is a book. This is because he is a very mindful and open person. Something that he could not live without is his guitar. Samuel is also very interested in the culture and significance of Japan. Speaking of that, he plans to go there this upcoming summer after he graduates. 

If Sam could have one power, he said he wished that he could have the power to teleport anywhere. He said this because he wishes to see the world, plus he just wants to be in Japan already. Something else that Sam said was, “Invisibility would be great too, but that would get boring.” Did you know that if Sam had five million dollars, he would send half of it to charity?

Sam said if he could play any character in a movie, he would choose Spiderman. He says that “Spiderman always stays true to his morals and it would be cool to be like that.” In the future, Sam plans to be a musician or become an animator for a big company. He sure has some big plans ahead and is very determined to get to the places he wants to be.