Sean Lindholm

Sean David Lindholm was born in Madison, South Dakota, on April 17th, 2004. He has a family of eight: his dad, Chris Lindholm; mom, Lily Steinert; brothers Eddie; the twins Ethan and Evan; and sisters, Autumn and Lucy. Sean also has a pet spider. 

Sean says he has a very close relationship with his family, and when asked if he could go anywhere in the world, he said he would stay here for that reason. Sean said, “I want to be the cool and chill brother,” when asked how he wants to be viewed by his siblings.

Sean has been working at Pizza Ranch for over a year. His favorite parts about his job are his friendships with his co-workers and the ability to meet new people daily. Ironically, Sean’s favorite food is pepperoni pizza.  

When asked, Sean said one item to describe the last year of his life would be his longboard. He chose his longboard because he goes with the flow, just long his longboard. Sean rides his longboard, draws, and plays the guitar to pass time.

Science and playing the guitar come easily to Sean. When asked what his content would consist of if he were to be an influencer, he said he would play guitar covers. On Sean's bucket list, he would like to attend DSU and go into a career in the science field. He also would like to be a musician. Music was always a big component in Sean’s house while growing up. “My dad used to put me to sleep playing Korn and Lamb of God,” Sean says.