Gavin Hoff

Gavin Hoff is an 18-year-old senior from Madison, South Dakota. He goes by the nickname, Hofer, given to him by Mr. Swenson, the physical science teacher at Madison High School. Gavin has lived in Madison all his life with his 2 older brothers, younger sister, and his mom and dad. He loves the movie Step Brothers and the TV show Breaking Bad. He says the most rewarding part of working at his local dairy is that it’s easy. If Gavin could be any character in a movie or TV show, he answered with Frank Drebin from Naked Gun because “being a goofy detective would be cool”. 

When asked where Gavin could live for one year, he answered Alaska due to the beautiful scenery and activities. His favorite school subject is history because he finds it easy and fascinating to learn about the past. If he had to choose any superpower, he said invisibility would be fun because he could “freak people out while driving.” Gavin only fears snakes and heights though he refuses to let that stop him. 

Though Gavin doesn’t know what he will do after high school, he wants to do something that makes him happy in life. Gavin’s dream job is to be a professional fisherman. When asked where he sees himself in 10 years, he said, “With a family and a decent house.”