Mr. Liesinger coaches both boys' and girls' golf for Madison High School. He is looking forward to having over 20 excited golf players and being successful even with the old seniors gone. Mr. Liesinger informed us that the golf season started Monday, March 27th, and will run until the second week of June. There are 21 girls out for golf this season, and six will play on varsity. Mr. Leisinger shows his compassion for the players by saying things like, “I know I can’t make you a professional golfer in one season, but I am here to support you as players and help you learn more about golf.”

Mrs. Liesinger is only in her second year as the assistant golf coach, and is already giving great advice to the girls, “Stop, breathe, and only think about your next shot.” Mrs. Liesinger is excited for another season of girls' golf. With one season behind her, feels more prepared this season. Last year, she learned a lot about the girls, including they are fussy about their uniforms, and that they tend to be more fun and social than serious. Mrs. Liesinger learned that the girls are also more motivated by food, especially when the food is Mrs. Liesinger’s monster cookies. 

We also asked two players, Kiana Whitethorn, and Chloe Schneider, for their takes on this year’s season. Both said they were excited about varsity and the new team. Last year, many senior players graduated, but the team is hoping to combat this obstacle with promising new players. The two said they have been playing golf since they were little, with Whitethorn playing golf since she could first hold a club and Schneider since she was ten. Whitethorn mentioned she expects to make varsity this year. Schneider hopes to achieve and place in a varsity match. Both pray that the weather gets better so they can get on the course and play some golf. Good luck girl golfers!