Autumn Larson

Autumn Leah Larson, also known as Autie by her family and friends, is a senior at Madison High School and has lived in South Dakota her whole life. Her family includes her dad, Wade; mom, Jennie; her sisters, Rayann, Loren, and Michaelyn; and her dogs, Duke and Jake. Autumn was born in Brookings and later moved to Madison. She enjoys the color dark green because she associates it with nature. Fruit is one of her favorite types of food, specifically watermelon. 

Autumn is a kind and enjoyable person to be around. She plays in band and has multiple friends who are also in band. Bowling is also one of her passions; she has been doing it since first grade. Without her passions, Autumn wouldn’t be the person everyone knows her as today. In 10 years, Autumn hopes to live somewhere nicer or have the opportunity to vacation somewhere. She wants a steady job and have life under control “even though that doesn’t really happen. Whatever happens, happens though. I’m just here for the ride.” Autumn will attend South Dakota State University for pharmacy. 

Her favorite memories from high school are those made with friends. She enjoys quality time with enjoyable people, but one memory specifically would be the time at the Dakota Dome at USD in October 2022. “While sitting in the dome surrounded by red, coyotes, and all things USD, I got word that one of my friends got accepted to SDSU,” she says. Her advice for underclassmen is to do their work and listen to their teachers. A balance between school and life is also important. “Each person finds balance in a different way. Figure out what works and stick with it.”