In Sioux Falls, many high school gymnasts are concerned about the future of their program. The Sioux Falls School District Board recently proposed to cut the sport from the district. The school board is trying to make a 4% cut and ending high school gymnastics would do just that. However, many gymnasts and coaches in Sioux Falls think cutting the sport is the wrong choice. On Monday, March 27th, many gymnasts and coaches from all around the state attended the board meeting and made statements. They spoke about all the satisfaction that comes from high school gymnastics, the bonds created, and the lessons gymnastics teaches. 

If the board in Sioux Falls does decide to make the cut, this will affect every other team in the state. Without the Sioux Falls schools competing, the number of meets will significantly reduce for the rest of South Dakota’s high school gymnastics teams. It could lead to a domino effect, resulting in cutting the entire sport completely from the state of South Dakota.

Although we do not yet know the future of gymnastics in South Dakota, it is certain that the gymnasts and coaches of Sioux Falls will not let their sport be overlooked.