Photo By Pitt Sustainability

Whether climate change is happening or not, the Earth is changing. With warming temperatures, rising sea levels, and unpredictable weather happening all over the globe, humans need to take action. Not only does it affect the environment itself, but all of humanity. Since the 1970s, action to help protect the planet and its natural resources began to take place for future generations. Therefore, Earth Day was established on April 22nd. A day to hold rallies and make statements about environmental protection for the planet Earth, as well as promote the Earth and all that it offers.

Starting with small acts can help the planet in the long run. Cleaning up litter, planting trees, and recycling are movements that are usually done on Earth Day, making the world a healthier place to live. Yet, the steps on a larger scale include stopping deforestation and pollution. Every year, people gather to clean the planet and amend the environmental issue, ensuring protection. Recycling certain items reduces the risk of litter and microplastics in our environment while turning off the extra lights around homes reduces the burning of fossil fuels into the atmosphere. Reducing the amount of water used to take extra showers and other activities saves up to 8 gallons of water daily. Together, humans can help decrease the levels of toxic fuels and gas components in our world, healing the environment over time. 

Overall, coming together to save the world not only does the planet a favor, but humans as well. Doing any sort of eco-friendly activity could help heal life on Earth, no matter how small the act. Earth Day is a day for people to unite and form an alliance to protect the planet.