Lane Williams

If you are interested in people that have more meaning to them than meets the eye, look no further than Lane David Williams. Lane has two other alias’: Lanathan and Lano, both given by his sister Raelyn, and one of his teachers, Robert Cordts. Lane seems like a normal high schooler when you first meet him, but that changes after spending a few minutes with him. Lane has kept the same energetic, ready-to-talk personality since he was in kindergarten. It’s easy for Lane to talk to people, even if he just met them. Communication thrives the most when it's between his coworkers, as his endless ideas, stories, and general knowledge of things can fuel an eternity of conversation.

With how interesting Lane is, it’s not surprising that his favorite subject is science. When asked why he enjoys science, he states, “Science is what defines our understanding of reality; using equations, experiments, theories, and laws to guide us through the unknown and known is really cool.” Lane says invisibility would be his go-to superpower if he had the choice, with his reason being that it’s a very sandbox-based power. 

Along with maintaining a stable job, like most people, Lane is hoping to have a busy, yet free life, with his own residence in either Japan or Germany. When asked about what his house would look like, Lane says that he doesn’t need too much space, just only enough to perform his basic tasks and hobbies. Even though he wants a normal house, if Lane became rich, a yacht holds the top spot on his purchase list. When asked about the size of the yacht, he answers, “It doesn’t need to be one of those billionaire yachts, just something that’s spacious, and obviously one with a helicopter pad.” Lane Williams believes he is ready to move on to the next chapter of his life. Lane’s parents, Jennifer and Dustin, wholeheartedly believe that Lane has the ability to grasp his dreams and make them a reality.