Logan Reck

Logan Konrad Reck, a 17-year-old Madison High School senior, recommends smiling more. Smiling helps spread positive energy and “smiling looks good on everybody.” Logan is the son of Melissa and Kory Reck. He is also the youngest of four siblings: Kayla, Lizzy, and Tyler. 

Playing video games comes easily to Logan. He can easily adapt to a game and enjoys the aspect of experiencing different situations and scenarios. Some of his favorite games include Minecraft and Rainbow 6 Siege. If Logan had a YouTube Channel, he would live stream himself creating astounding structures and slaying zombies. 

Currently, Logan works as a first responder and says, “the most rewarding part of my job is helping people that need help.” Following high school, Logan plans on enlisting in the National Guard. After returning home from basic training, he plans to remain a first responder.