Photo by Evelyn Graham

Fellow readers, I hope this new content finds you in a good condition. As you all know, about one month ago, China released a “meteorological research” balloon over the United States in order to, you know, “record weather patterns.” This is obviously the reason they FILMED U.S. TERRITORY. A total of three aerial devices have been found since the initial balloon discovery. The U.S. government is handling it as best as they can by shooting down all of the objects. The last thingamabobber made it as far as Michigan, so American citizens' safety looks excellent.

By now, you know what is next: my take on the balloon. China has been a communist country for decades now. In the grand scheme of things, they understand the need for power and the United States has a lot of it. To become the most powerful country, they must destroy America and all of its dominance. So, the Chinese government launched a balloon over the United States’ nuclear weapons and military sites. Now that they have collected this data, China can develop a plan to attack the United States and wipe us out for good. (And yes, even though the balloon was shot down, the needed pictures have still been collected.) Sounds scary, you say? Yep, I’m terrified. But hey, this is just a theory…unless it’s true.