Lucas Johnson

Lucas Marlin Johnson, also known as Luke John, was born on May 16, 2004, in Omaha, Nebraska. After a short time living in Omaha, his family packed up their things and moved to Madison, South Dakota.  He lives outside of town with his family of 5: his dad, Ray; mom, Laurel; brother, Ryland; sister Emmy; and his favorite, his black lab, Lola. Lucas has always looked up to his dad as a role model because “I've always wanted to be like him.” Lucas loves the outdoors and spends much of his free time hunting and fishing. Lucas says, “ Everyone should try hunting or fishing once before they hate on it.” Lucas’s favorite thing to hunt is deer and his favorite thing to fish for is walleye. A couple of things on Lucas’s bucket list include fishing on Lake Erie, Blue Marlin fishing in Costa Rica, and elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains. 

If not hunting, Lucas is on the mat wrestling, on the field playing football, or on the diamond playing baseball. Lucas says his favorite sport to play is football because of the physicality of the sport and the bond the team forms. If one item could describe the past year of his life, it would be his championship football ring he won because the team's bond was unbreakable. 

Lucas is a very caring person who will always give a helping hand if needed. Lucas is thinking of going to college at SDSU to study wildlife and fishery science. If Lucas had 5 million dollars he would buy a multitude of land in South Dakota and put a cabin on it. Lucas’s favorite class throughout his high school career was definitely shop class because he likes using his hands-on skills to build things.