Mrs. Weeldreyer is the new softball coach. She wanted to become the coach because she has always had a passion for playing and watching softball. Madison has not had a school league of softball, but last year over the summer, the school decided to input softball as a school sport. Softball will be a spring sport, and they need 20 or 25 players. 19 players are confirmed right now, and they may open it up to 8th graders if enough players do not join.

Amanda Vacanti and Callie Bounds are two confirmed players of the Madison softball team. Vacanti plays pitcher and infield, while Bounds plays pitcher and second base. They both have been playing since they were little, and are looking forward to this season. Vacanti hopes for improvement from last year and a great deal of competition. Bounds hopes for a great season, strong teamwork, and expects an interesting first season for softball. 

We are all excited to see what this season brings. Good luck Bulldogs!