Chloe Schneider

Madison High School’s 2023 homecoming queen, Chloe Jane Schneider, lights up every room she walks into. You will never see Chloe walk into a room without a smile. Chloe loves to make people laugh and tries to make everyone’s day a little better. Chloe’s advice for the younger classes is to “live in the moment and to make the best out of everything.”

Other than her love to brighten people’s day, Chloe’s love for her family is like no other. Chloe is the daughter of Brett and Heidi Schneider. She is the oldest of three siblings: one brother, Gavin; a little sister, Presley; and of course, her favorite sibling, Nala, her dog. Chloe's favorite food is lasagna, but only when her mom makes it. 

Every day after school, Chloe looks after the kids in the after-school program. The one item Chloe would use to describe herself in the past year is her megaphone. You’ll always see Chloe with her megaphone directing the kids. Chloe loves her job and wouldn’t want to be working anywhere else. The most rewarding part of her job is her realization “even little elementary school kids go through tough times.” Chloe has had amazing teachers in her life and that is how she found her true passion for teaching and love for kids. 

Chloe plans to go to school at the University of South Dakota for elementary education. At USD, Chloe wants to get out and meet new people. In ten years, she sees herself teaching first or second grade in Arizona, and living in a white house with a dog and a happy, healthy family. One of her biggest goals is to make an impact on kids' lives and be the reason they want to come to school.