Aiden Jensen

Aiden Robert Jensen is your future NBA all-star. He has been playing basketball since he was 5-years-old. Aiden was given the nickname Kevin in 7th grade and stuck with that name ever since. His family consists of his mom, Danielle; dad, Kurt; older sister, Allison; younger sister, Amaya; and brother, Alex. Aiden has lived in Madison his entire life and made many friends, and played many sports. His favorite sport, of course, is basketball because he is 6’8. His height isn’t the only fun fact about him, though. Aiden enjoys math because “It's fun when you know what you're doing.” 

Another fun fact about Aiden is that he is a Stranger Things fanatic. He rewatched Stranger Things multiple times and says that if he could play any character in a show, it would be Steve Harrington because he saves the kids’ lives in the later season. You could say Aiden wants to be a hero. Usually, heroes have superpowers; if Aiden could have a superpower, he would like the ability to teleport. Not only would it help him quickly travel from place to place, but it would also be helpful on the basketball court, which is like a second home to him. 

Aiden has been playing basketball his entire life and would like to play in college, too. In addition, he would like to major in exercise science. Once he finishes with that, he wants to go to physical therapy school somewhere. When Aiden was asked where he sees himself in ten years, he responded, “living on the lake, with a family, two dogs, and a stable job.”