Megan Schouwenburg

One thing that has always come easily to Megan Avery Schouwenburg is math because, in her words, “It just makes sense.” Megan’s family consists of her sister, Katelyn; and her parents, Mark and Kelli. Megan and her family lived in Watertown for the first few years of her life and then moved to Madison. If Megan were to choose where she lived, she would choose to be up in the Rocky Mountains in a little house far from the cities. 

Megan is involved in volleyball, track, and FBLA. If she isn’t doing any of these things, you will find her working at The Lakes Bar and Grill. Megan not only enjoys working there, but most of all, she enjoys the check she receives for her work. If Megan were given 5 million dollars, she “would buy a nice house along with a car, and then invest the rest of the money.” 

Megan’s favorite TV show to watch is Criminal Minds. She explains it is a thrilling show and it never gets boring. Megan said if she could be anyone from a TV show, movie, or book, she would be Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. The reason she chose Spencer Reid is that “he is very intelligent and it would be cool to be as smart as him.”

It may be hard for her to leave her family and friends behind, but after high school, Megan plans on going to school at Lake Area Tech for dental assistance. After school, in 10 years, Megan sees herself with a family, living on an acreage, somewhere in the Midwest.