Zach Ryan

Zach Ryan has lived his whole life in Madison. His favorite color is green and his favorite food is chicken. Zach’s family includes his mom, dad, and sister and they enjoy traveling as a family. His favorite TV show is Scorpion, but he does not have a favorite movie.

When he was little, Zach wanted to be an actor. If he had any superpower, he would fly so he could travel the world. If he were an influencer, he would make content with food or video games.

Zach loves his job at One Stop because he has the opportunity to meet different people and it has to do with what he loves: the culinary environment, so it isn’t surprising his favorite activity is culinary arts. Zach has taken culinary classes at MHS and wants to attend culinary school in the future. The thing he loves most in life is making food for people.