Wyatt Hopkins

Have you seen this friendly face speeding his way down the halls to get to his next class? Perhaps you’ve seen him nose-deep in what looks to be an exciting fantasy book? That would be Wyatt Andrew Hopkins. Wyatt has lived in Madison his entire life with his mom and his little sister and sees his dad in Sioux Falls on the weekends. He is a very picky eater, but his favorite food is a classic bowl of mac and cheese. 

 If Wyatt could visit a  different country, he would choose France, and more specifically, Paris, France. He says,” I want to see it lit up at night, hear all the music, and taste all the food.” He also would NOT climb the Eiffel Tower-  heights are an absolute no-go for Wyatt.

If Wyatt could be any character in the world, he would be Captain Jack Sparrow.  “I want to play Jack because I see myself as him.” When asked about having a superpower, Wyatt’s power of choice would be shape-shifting. 

Wyatt currently works at Bethel Lutheran Home as a cook. The most impactful part of his job is watching the residents look so happy after they have eaten. When asked what he wants to do after high school Wyatt replies, “filmmaking with horror movies” 

Asking to look 10 years into the future was a challenging question for Wyatt. He wasn’t positive about what he wanted but he did say, “I’d probably have a house by then, and hopefully married.”

Leaving high school is going to be hard for Wyatt. He can’t wait to move on to bigger opportunities, but he isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the students and staff of Madison High School.