Layne Hess

Layne Randall Hess, a senior at Madison High School, doesn't have your typical commute to school. Layne lives in the country and has the option to go to 4 different schools in the area: Chester, Madison, Dell Rapids, or Colman. Ultimately, he chose to attend Madison. Layne states, “This is because my sister and my friends go here.” Speaking of Layne's sister, he has not just one sister, but a half-sister, 2 stepsisters, and 1 stepbrother. Layne’s favorite meal is a TV dinner. “It's easy to make,'' Layne says. While eating TV dinners, you can find him watching his favorite show Breaking Bad.

Layne has done a lot in this past year, but if he had to pick his favorite memory, it would be buying a Grand Prix with his own, well-deserved money. This car is special to him, along with his dog, Rascal, whom he could not live without. In school, his favorite subject is history. In history, he likes to learn about exciting events that happened long ago. Based on the history of the world and geography, Layne would live in Australia for a year. He says, “I would like a pet kangaroo.”

If he were to earn 5 million dollars, he would spend it on three things: charity, specifically an oceanography charity, a house, and stocks In ten years, Layne sees himself settled down with a family, working as a lineman.