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Good afternoon,

Tomorrow, Monday, March 23rd we will start our first day of online and packet learning. We are moving into new territory after working through a handful of days for preparation. We know as we move forward there will be many questions from day to day. We also know we developed a fast-tracked Plan A for moving forward. As we work through online delivery and packets, reality is we may have some hiccups along the way and will need to develop new plans on the go as needed, Plan B, Plan C etc.

I can say with confidence, the staff of the Madison Central School District are dedicated in providing the best opportunities possible as we learn and work through these new delivery options each day. Both by sharing the successes in delivery methods and as important, sharing with each other options that do not work. Bottom line is we will adjust from day to day as needed.

I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I am with our entire staff and their willingness to meet this challenge head on. We know there will be additional challenges moving forward along with some frustrations, and we realize students and parents may have some of these same challenges and frustrations. We are approaching this change as a partnership between all involved, students, parents and the Madison Central School District. As a staff we need to have patience and we ask the same from you, our students and parents.

We will work through this upcoming week and together we will adjust and adapt. We have great kids, parents, staff and a great community and we are all in this together!


Joel Jorgenson

Supt., Madison Central School District