We at Madison Middle School believe that middle school education should be based on the needs and characteristics of early adolescents. Evidence from medical science, psychology, and other areas is beginning to show that middle school students are passing through a very special, very critical period of their lives. The change from childhood to adolescence is a tremendously important time of life. It is also often a terribly difficult time. Children, from age 10 through age 15, must endure more changes than they will for the rest of their lives. They are changing physically, sexually, mentally, socially, and emotionally in every way possible. There are more important changes taking place at this time than at any other time except the first year of life! Therefore, we view middle school as a transitional period, bridging the gap between elementary and secondary education.

We believe climate for learning and instructional processes are as important as the content itself. Curriculum that is student-orientated, responsive to adolescent needs and abilities, and is planned in such a way as to challenge the unlimited potential of our students will accommodate lifelong learning. We support innovative curriculum that integrates academic, explorative, and thematic learning in a flexible setting. Such curriculum provides structure, encourages achievement, and fosters competence of individuals.

We seek progressive techniques for teaching and guidance, along with varied instructional styles, a flexible, organizational arrangement is enabling to all who strive to accomplish present and future goals.

We recognize we do not function as an entity in and of itself. We strive to encourage family and community involvement to promote a cooperative environment. Such an environment will benefit school, families, and community by providing education and opportunities for our future citizens.