I am excited and honored to be the principal at the Madison Middle School. We have a qualified teaching and non-certified staff at the middle school. They work hard at their job and they care about the students. It is very important that students feel connected to our school, and I encourage all students to participate in the sports, music and clubs that are offered at the middle school.

We do not have a lot of rules at Madison Middle School, but we do ask student to follow three basic principles:

  1. Do Your Best
  2. Do The Right Thing
  3. Treat Others With Respect

The Madison Middle School theme for 2018-19 theme will remain "GRIT". Our staff and students felt "GRIT" was a strong theme and we could learn more about the importance of having GRIT. We believe working hard today will help solve many unknown problems of tomorrow. Below is the MMS acronym for "GRIT".

  • Guts
  • Reliance
  • Integrity
  • Tenacity

The MMS staff will work "GRIT" into our classrooms and hallways everyday. We believe a little "GRIT" will take us to GREAT places!

Madison Middle School Mission Statement

The mission of Madison Middle School is to provide all students personalized instruction from certified faculty through diverse class offerings in a technologically enhanced environment.

My Goal

My goal is to work with students, staff, parents and the community to make Madison Middle School a highly productive school that allows students to be physically fit, intellectually stretched, emotionally tied to our school and community, and socially connected to their peers.