Week of:

Teacher Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mrs. Rahn Reading Theme projects due today (Draw 4, pick one) G1/G2: Theme Triangle lesson. Create Triangle in Comp Book. G3: Begin Book Discussion groups M3:Begin Book Discussion groups. Set up groups and time lines for discussion.  G1/G2: Library book tasting. Review Theme with Kahoot. No School
Mrs. Wiese Math

Mr. Larsen Science

Mrs. Dossett Geography

Mr. Gors Geography No School Map Activity Map Activity NHD Project Presentations NHD Project Presentations
Ms. Krogen

Language Arts

1. Quiz on Nouns
2. 4 sources for research
1. Noun quiz 1. Adding research to essay

1. Research for essay No School
Ms. Keninger Science No School Muscular System and Nervous System
Nervous System, parts of the eye. Review lab safety.