Welcome to Mr. Johnson's Computer Courses!

6th Grade Cruise

This year our cruise classes rotate every 7 weeks. The students will use MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Photostory 3 for Window, Internet Explorer/Google Chrome, Outlook, and Google Drive to create or perform: Flyers, Charts, Photostories, Emails, Slideshows, and various activities on the Internet.

Typing Standards Stressed In All Grade Levels

Typing.com is an online program that the students have access to at school and at home. Every Student in the Madison Middle School has an account that has already been set up for them. Please encourage your son or daughter to become advanced in his or her grade level.

Level 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Basic 10 = WPM <= 20 WPM <= 25 WPM
Proficient 11-20 WPM 21-25 WPM 26-30 WPM
Advanced >= 25 WPM >= 25 WPM >= 31 WPM

Website: https://tj057.k12.sd.us/

Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts!

Language Arts in 6th grade focuses on the writing process, grammar, vocabulary and speaking in front of others. Students will work through the different stages of writing (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing), and collaborate with other students and the teacher. The types of writing we focus on are narrative, persuasive and informative/explanatory. One resource we use is the "Writing Coach." Students have a textbook at school for this program, but it can also be accessed online at home. (see link below)

A special note to families:
Students benefit by writing independently outside of class as well as in the classroom. Parents/guardians can help students with this by encouraging them to write at home. For example, students can be journaling or writing letters to family and friends. This is actually something most students enjoy doing!

Also, visit with your child about what they're writing in school (in all classes, not just Language Arts) and explain what kind of writing you do, either for work or for enjoyment. You might be surprised at how effective this is!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 256-7717 or kim.sheppard@k12.sd.us

Websites:  Writing Coach

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

Thank you for visiting my page. Below you will find several lessons that have been shared with your students on various topics covered in Accelerated Math. Feel free to review these lessons with your student at any time. Also take a look at the Accelerated Math powerpoint presentation to help you understand how to read a TOPS report. Check back often for updates.

Thank you. Mr. Waba


Math Files:

Welcome to 6th Grade Reading!

At MMS, the sixth grade reading curriculum is focused on the Common Core Content Standards for Reading, Writing, and Listening, Viewing & Speaking. Students will learn and utilize strategies to comprehend and analyze various texts including fiction, non-fiction, and informational text. In addition to whole-group and small-group instruction, each student also reads independently from a self-selected library book.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Email: megan.blake@k12.sd.us
Phone: 605.256.7717

Welcome to 6th Grade Science!

In 6th Grade Science, we cover a wide variety of topics guidelined by the South Dakota Science Standards, specifically those standards relating to Earth Science. Students are also learning how to conduct scientific investigations while using safe laboratory practices. Students should also be able to evaluate scientific information and prepare arguments for or against other claims and presentations. We will also be learning how to cite evidence during investigations to explain the phenomenon observed in the natural world.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Email: zach.johnson@k12.sd.us
Phone:(605) 256-7717


Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies

In sixth grade Social Studies, students study the ancient world. Units of study include Early Man, Ancient Mesopotamians, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Chinese, and Ancient Romans. Topics covered include geography, religion, achievements, and social culture of these civilizations.

Please contact your students' teacher with any questions or concerns.

Ms. Megan Blake

Mrs. Kim Sheppard

Websites: Cuneiform

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