Welcome to the Madison High School Counseling Department! 

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Meet the Staff

Teresa Howell
School Counselor

Lori Christensen
Career Tech. Education

Services Provided:
  • Academic Support
  • Personal Social Issues
  • Post High School Planning
  • Course Scheduling For All Grades
  • Higher Education Guidance
  • Scholarship/Financial Aid Guidance
  • Dual Credit Coordinator
Services Provided:
  • Coordinates Internships
  • Career Technical Education Guidance
  • Post High School Planning
  • Course Scheduling For All Grades
  • High Education Guidance 
  • Scholarship/Financial Aid Guidance
Phone: (605) 256-7706

  • Email me directly to set up a meeting: Teresa.Howell@k12.sd.us
  • Pop in and ask me your question(s)
  • If I am unavailable. fill out a coral colored form that is clipped to the door and I will call you down
Phone: (605) 256-7706

Academic Support

Resources for you to use if you are struggling academically

MHS Peer Tutors

Contact Mrs. Howell if you would like one on one tutoring with a Student Ambassador. 

Khan Academy

Free online videos of lessons for core subjects


1B Study Hall, Before and After School


Meet with Mrs. Howell to come up with a plan for you to be more successful in your classes


Internship Forms

These forms must be filled out before your internship can begin. Please print them off or stop in Mrs. Christensen's office to pick them up.
Internship Logs Fall 2017

To receive interim posting and quarter grades you must fill this out each week. Also, this log will be used in your final grade determination.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Dual Credit Scholarship Application

Financial Need Scholarship
  • Help with the fee for dual credit course to any student currently enrolled
  • 50% of the cost of the course to be reimbursed after you complete course with a passing grade of C or higher
  • The application is due Friday, September21, 2018, and needs to be submitted electronically to renae.prostrollo@k12.sd.us

Spring 2019 DC Forms

Spring 2019 Forms


Board of Regents:      
Juniors 24 ACT or 3.5 GPA or top 1/3 of class
Seniors 21 ACT or 3.25 GPA or top 1.2 of class
For English - Must have 18 ACT English
For Math (including Math 102 at MHS) - must have 20 ACT Math

Dual Credit at MHS:      
Classes offered "in house":      
HIST 151 (SDSU): Application CLICK HERE
BIO 101 (DSU): Application  CLICK HERE
  • Students can take up to 9 credits or three dual credit courses in one semester OUTSIDE OF THEIR CLASS SCHEDULE
  • They can take 1 dual credit course within their class schedule if they take the high school "in house" calls offered at MHS (Bio101, Hist151, or Hist152)

All dual credit courses will be worked on during their study hall, open block, or outside of school.

College Planning

College Tour Excused Absence Form

South Dakota's Application:
NSU,BHSU,SDSMT,SDSU,DSU,Univ Center, Capital Univ Center & USD
Senior English Class Powerpoint  General Rules for applying to college:
  • Go to website and find admission requirements
  • Fill out an application - be aware of deadlines and fees!
  • If you need a letter of recommendation - ask a coach, teacher, counselor, advisor, etc. Choose someone who knows about YOU!
  • Submit, tell Mrs. Howell where your transcript needs to get sent and start working on scholarships

Junior/Senior Visit Days at SD Schools

DSU Visit Days
To Register:  CLICK HERE

Apply at Discover Day and App Fee is WAIVED!
SDSU Visit Days
Next Senior Visit Day:   CLICK HERE

Next Junior Visit Day:   CLICK HERE
Mitchell Tech (MTI) Exploration Days
To Register:  CLICK HERE
Southeast Tech (STI) Visitation Days
To Register:  VIP Visit Days
University of Sioux Falls Preview Day
To Register:  CLICK HERE
Augustana University
To Register:  CLICK HERE
Black Hills State University
To Register:  CLICK HERE
Mt. Marty College
To Register:  Lancer Visit Day
Dakota Wesleyan University
To Register:  CLICK HERE
SD School of Mines & Tech. - Open House
To Register:  CLICK HERE
Lake Area Tech Visits
To Register:  CLICK HERE
Western Dakota Tech Eagle Day Visits
To Register:  CLICK HERE
Stewart School (Hair-Skin-Nails) Visits
Phone: (605) 336-2775 Ext. #2

Military Information

Military Careers

For more information on branches of Military, please contact the following:   
National Guard: Joshua Bryant
Email: joshua.a.bryant7.mil@mail.mil
Phone: (605) 204-0247 (cell)
(605) 256-5287 (office)
Navy: Jason L. Standiford
Email: jason.l.standiford@navy.mil
Phone: (605) 799-7779 (cell)
(605) 361-3214 (office)
US Army: Dustin R. Walker
Email: dustin.r.walker8.mil@mail.mil
Phone: (605) 370-1967 (cell)
(605) 361-5008 (office)
Air Guard: SSgt Jordan Snyder
Email: jordan.p.snyder2.mil@mail.mil
Phone: (605) 988-5462 (office)
(605) 359-6778 (cell)
Marine Corps: Sergeant Steven A. Arellano
Email: stven.arellano@marines.usmc.mil
Phone: (605) 361-2584 (office)
(701) 866-8194 (cell)
Air Force ROTC (SDSU): Amy B. Rasmussen
Email: amy.hagen@jackes.sdstate.edu
Phone: (605) 688-6106

College/Tech/Military Visits

Come to learn more or ask questions about these schools that visiting MHS. They will be located in the front lobby of the school.
September October
Thursday, October 25th 8:45am - 9:15am -  Grand Canyon University


Scholarships Documents

  Click Here - Check Regularly - new scholarships being added daily and deadlines are approaching

School-Specific Scholarships

  • Check the institution's website to see if there is another application for scholarships to fill out or if it is included in your general application
  • Look in the South Dakota schools booklet for scholarships unique to their school (Books are located in the counseling office)

MHS Foundation Scholarships

  • Local scholarships ONLY for MHS students

Dual Credit Scholarships

  • Refer to the Dual Credit section for this application

Select Dakota Scholarships

  • Provides a quick-reference to South Dakota school scholarships


  • Specific scholarships for South Dakotan's 

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship

Link for Information

Build Dakota Scholarship

Link for Information

Dakota Corps Scholarship

Link for Information

Other Scholarship Sites

Link for List

Financial Aid

FAFSA Application 
Accepted beginning October 1st, 2018
Helpful Tools:
Net Price Calculator for Your College/School


Register at www.act.org

Phone: (319) 337-1270

If you are struggling financially, please see Mrs. Howell in the Counseling Office to see if you qualify for a fee waiver

Madison HS School Code: 420-85

Test Dates 2018-2019

CLICK HERE for Test Dates

Test Prep


SAT Website

Test Dates 2018-2019

CLICK HERE for Test Dates

Test Prep



Test Date at MHS

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018
8:00am - 12:00pm
This test is for 10th and 11th Graders ONLY


Register in the main office
Last day to register is September 14th, 2018
**The cost is $16.00 for the test**


ASVAB Website

Test Date at MHS

What is It?

ASVAB helps you figure out what you're good at, what is important to you, and the jobs that match your skills and interests. 

Find a Career, Major, or School


  • Matchmaker
  • Contact Mrs. Howell or Mrs. Christensen if you want help navigation SDMyLife

SD Department of Labor Career Interest Survey

US Department of Labor Career One Stop

One on One advising available!

Majors and Schools

  • SDMyLife: Log into SDMyLife as stated in the "Careers" section. Click on "Education",  search for majors of interest and for schools of interest
  • Create a free account using MyMajors.com (Click Link). Take this free assessment to find your best fit Major laid out in a personalized report for you. Find schools that are also a good fit. 
  • Use College Navigator to compare schools of interest and average cost: nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator
  • What school has the best-rated program for my major, best graduation rates, and a high campus life rating?

Find out where you should be attending to get the best education possible!


Below are opportunities for camps, careers, and new learning experiences for High School students

SD Career Camps

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