Bulldog Rules

Show responsible behavior

Respect yourself, others, and property

Be honest and trustworthy

Playground Rules

These guidelines are an attempt to make the playground safe and enjoyable for all. Parents may wish to go over these guidelines with their child to be assured that the child understands them. Should a student choose to behave in ways other than the guidelines provide, the supervisors will take measures to encourage the appropriate choices in the future. Students are to respect and listen to playground supervisors.

Slides:No students will go down the slide head first or walk up the slide.
  • One person on a swing at a time.
  • No standing on the swings.
  • No jumping off the swings.
  • Swing straight in a backward/forward motion.
  • No running between swings or climbing poles.
  • Share swings - do not monopolize them.
Rocks:Rocks and sticks are to be left on the ground.
  • All snow is to remain on the ground. No snowballs.
  • Keep off snow banks and ice patches.
  • No contact games, including tackle football, rugby, etc.
  • No electronic devices or games.
  • No wallball.
Other comments: 
  • No eating on the playground, including gum.
  • No sharp instruments or playthings. If a child has a sharp object, it will be turned into the office immediately with information on the circumstances.
  • No skateboards, roller blades, roller skates or scooters will be permitted at school.
  • The school is not responsible for items brought from home.
  • All students are required to wear snow boots when the playground is on the ground.