The policies of a school system state in general and specific terms the meaning of achieving the school educational program.

Policies are a compilation of history, tradition, custom, court decisions, law, and the philosophy of the School Board. They are intended to guide those concerned with the educational program. This includes the school board, the school administration, the teachers, and all the classified personnel.

School policies are a framework for decision-making. They should be broad enough to permit initiative and freedom of choice, but be specific enough to influence over-all directions of actions.

School policies are not static. In an ever-changing society, we must be aware of the need for change in our educational and social patterns.

To provide a better educational program for our students is the aim of all concerned with school policies.

The following pages state in writing the basic procedures to be used in developing the educational program of the Madison Central School District No. 39-2 of Madison, South Dakota.

School Board
Madison Central School District No. 39-2
Madison, South Dakota

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitment

ABCD School District Reorganization
AC Non Discrimination
AC Non Discrimination (Title IX, Title I, and Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504)
 ACAA Sexual Harassment
AD Mission, Vision, Beliefs/Philosophy and Exit Expectations
AFA Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

BB School Board Legal Status
BBAA Board Member Authority
BBB School Board Elections
BBBB Board Member Oath of Office
BBBB-E Board Member Oath of Office
BBF School Board Member Code of Ethics
BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest
BCD Board Superintendent Relationship
BCE Board Committees
BDA Board Meetings
BDC Executive Sessions
BDDB Agenda Format
BDDC Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BDDD Quorum
BDDF Voting Method
BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
BDDJ Broadcasting and Taping
BF Board Policy Development
BFB Preliminary Development of Policies
BFC Policy Adoption
BFCA Board Review of Regulations
BFD Policy Dissemination
BFE Administration in Policy Absence
BFF Suspension of Policies
BFG Policy Review and Evaluation/Manual Accuracy Check
BHA New Board Member Orientation
BHB Board Member Development Opportunities
BHD Board Member Compensation and Expenses
BLB Board Officers

Section C: General School Administration

CBA Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent
CBC Superintendent Contract
CBG Evaluation of the Superintendent and Other School Administrators
CBG-R Evaluation of the Superintendent
CBG-E Evaluation of the Superintendent
CCA Organization Charts
CHCA Approval of Handbook's and Directives
CL Administrative Reports

Section D: Fiscal Management 

DB Annual Budget
DBK Budget Transfer Authority
DFD Rental and Service Charges
DFD-R Musical Instrument Rental Request and Receipt
DFE Gate Receipts and Admissions
DFEA Free Admissions
DG Deposit and Investment of Funds
DH Bonded Employees and Officers
DID Inventories
DIE Auditing
DJA Purchasing
DLA Payday Schedules
DM Cash in School Buildings
DN School Properties Disposal Schedule

Section E: Support Services

EACC Student Conduct on School Buses
EACC-R Bus Violation Report to Parents
EBBB Accident Reports
EBC Emergency Plans
EBCB Fire Drills
EBCD Emergency Closings
ECA Video Surveillance
ECA-R Video Surveillance
ECAA Access to Buildings
ECAB Vandalism
ECB-A Waiver of Rule 9 Floor Exercise
EEAB School Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEACA Bus Driver Examination and Training
EEACA-R Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus Drivers
EEACA-E Drug/Alcohol Testing Information
EEAD Special Use of School Buses
EEAD-R Transportation Agreement
EEAE Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
EF Food Services Management
EF-R Food Services Management
EGAA Copyright Protection
EHAB Information Security, Acceptable Use and CIPA Policy
EHAB-E Internet Use Agreement
EHABA Web Page Development Policy
EHABA-R Regulations for Internet Acceptable Use Policy
ELB Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

Section F: Facilities Development

FC Facilities Capitalization Program

Section G: Personnel

GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA Veteran's Preference
GBCB Use of Alcohol and Other Drugs by Employees
GBE Staff Health and Safety
GBEAA Staff Health and Safety (Communicable Diseases)
GBG Staff Participation in Political Activity
GBLA Staff Recommendations and Reference Information
GBLA-E Release of Reference Information
GBM Staff Complaints and Grievances
GC Professional (Certified Staff)
GCBC Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCD Professional Staff Hiring
GCDB Criminal Background Checks
GCD-R Professional Staff Hiring
GCEA Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes
GCEA-R Substitute Teacher Guidelines
GCI Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCJ Professional Staff Time Schedules
GCL Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCM Supervision of Professional Staff
GCN Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCPD Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff Members
GCQA Non-School Employment of Professional Staff Members
GDLA Visitors to the Schools
GDM Compensation for Hours Worked

Section H: Negotiations

HA Negotiations Policy
HA-E Protocols Governing the Contract Development Program

Section I: Instruction

IA Instructional Goals
IB Academic Freedom
IDGJI Interscholastic Activities 
IF Curriculum Development 
IF-R Curriculum Development
IGBCA Comparability of Assurances for Title I
IGDF Student Fund Raising Activities
IGDJA Activity Passes
IGDK Band Program
IGDKA Participation of Alternative Instruction Students
IGDK-L SDHSAA Eligibility Checklist for Alternative Instruction Student
IHCDA Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Policy
IHCDA-R Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Policy Regulation
IHCDA-E Concurrent Enrollment Application
IIA Instructional Materials
IIAA Textbook Selection and Adoption
IIAC Library Materials Selection and Adoption
IIAC-E Letter to Interested Party Concerning Selection of Library Materials and School Materials Analysis Report  
IICA Field Trips and Excursions 
IICC School Volunteers
IJ Guidance Program
IJNDB Distance Education - Virtual Online Courses
IKA Grading Systems
IKB Homework
IKE Promotion and Retention of Students
IKE-R Promotion and Retention of Students
IKF Graduation Requirements
IKFA Graduation Exercises and Baccalaureate Services 
IKFAA Early Graduation
IKFBA Honorary High School Diploma
IM Evaluation of Instructional Programs
ING Animals in the Schools 

Section J: Students

JB Equal Educational Opportunities
JCL Wellness Policy
JEA Compulsory School Attendance
JECA Admission of Resident Students
JECAA Admission of Students From Non-Accredited Alternative Instruction Schools
JECB Admission of Nonresident Students
JECB-E Application for Residency Status
JECBAA Admission of Exchange and Foreign Students
JECC Assignment of Students to Schools
JEE Student Attendance Accounting
JEF Released Time for Students
JEFA Open Campus
JFA Student Due Process
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students
JFBA Student Government and Organizations
JFCA Student Dress Code
JFCD Cyber Bullying
JFCE Student Bullying
JFCE-R Student Bullying - Regulations and Report 
JFCH Alcohol Use by Students/Drug Abuse/Chemical Abuse (General Training Rules)
JFCH-R Alcohol Use by Students/Drug Abuse/Chemical Abuse (General Training Rules)
JFCHA Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Students (Drug Free Schools Policy for Students)
JFCJ Dangerous Weapons in the School
JFE Pregnant/Married Students
JFG Interrogations and Searches
JG Student Discipline (Madison High School)
JGA Corporal Punishment
JGAA Student Discipline (Madison Middle School)
JGB Restraint and Seclusion
JGD Student Suspension and Expulsion
JGD-R Student Suspension and Expulsion Regulations
JHC Student Health Services and Requirements
JHCC Communicable Diseases (Students)
JHCD Administering Medicines to students
JHCD-E Request and Authorization for Medication/Treatment
JHCDA Testing Blood Glucose Levels and Insulin Injections
JHCDA-E Release and Waiver of Liability for Testing of Students with Insulin-Dependent Diabetes
JHCDA-E Authorization of Care of Students with Insulin-Dependent Diabetes
JHCDE Medical Emergencies
JHFA Supervision of Students
JHFD Vehicle Use on School Property
JHG Reporting Child Abuse
JICFA Hazing
JO Student Records
JO-R Student Records

Section K: School-Community Relations 

KE Public Complaints About Federal Programs
KG Community Use of School Facilities
KGC Smoking on School Premises
KI Public Solicitations/Advertising in the Schools
KLB Public Complaints About Curriculum or Instructional Materials
KLD Complaints About School Personnel
KLD-E Complaint Form "A" and Complaint Form "B"
KMA Relations With Parent Organizations
KMD Relations With Churches
KMI Relations With Political Organizations

Section L: Education Agency Relations

LA Education Agency Relations Goals
LEA Student Teaching and Internships

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